Cannot have more than 0 builds in queue for the account


Hello. I have created - root user and admin user in IAM. (payment method is with active card)

After that i have created CodeCommit repo and CodeBuild project.

Tried to start build and obtain an error

Build failed to start Build failed to start. The following error occurred: Cannot have more than 0 builds in queue for the account

Checked Service Quotas and default is 60 concurrent builds.

  1. What am I doing wrong?

  2. How can i solve this problem without buying support plan ? (current i have free basic support plan)

Thank you in advance

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This is difficult to troubleshoot without knowing the account ID.

CodeBuild has an on-demand fleet, which scales based on incoming customer volume. If capacity is not immediately available, CodeBuild tries to queue the builds for additional capacity to be available in the build fleet. The rate at which the builds are processed are determined by your build concurrency limit - which is 0 as per the error message. The default is 60 [1] but this can be lower for new accounts. Did you just create an account? if so, can you please launch an EC2 for a few minutes (a t2.micro should do fine)? Then you can try again your code build at least an hour after.


Hope it helps,


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Thank you Jon. You are absolutely right. After i started EC2 instance, i received message about "Your Request For Accessing AWS Resources Has Been Validated"

And after that - Codebuild started work as expected

answered a year ago

Thank you Jon, yesterday i was also facing the same error i even created a support ticket to increase the concurrent build quota which was already 60 . but at the end of the i implemented your solution and it worked for me.

i simply created a t2.micro for 10 mints and then terminated it then after that i re-triggered my build stage and was working fine Thank jon.

answered a year ago

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