Not being able to launch OnVue platform for AWS certification exam


Hi all,

I'm giving AWS CCP exam next week and I registered for it today. I received an email with some steps to complete before the exam day.

If you've ever given an AWS certification on Pearson VUE, you know you have to download OnVue application and run a system test. I downloaded it and went through the speaker, microphone, and webcam checks successfully.

Next, the network connection check also went successfully. Now to launch the exam simulation, it said I had to close the following applications: swusb.

I had to manually shut it down because it couldn't do it automatically. I need help with this because I am not able to close this application.

Has anyone ever had this issue before? I am not able to launch the exam simulation because I can't close this swusb application. I'd really appreciate any help or advice.

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I would recommend reaching out to Pearson on this issue. They are likely the most well equipped to help you troubleshoot issues with their platform:

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answered a year ago

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