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Hello! I am super new to AWS and am still figuring out a lot of things about how to use it. Currently, I am trying to convert MediaLive mp4 files to mp3 using Media convert. I saw that mp3 conversion is a new AWS feature, however, I cannot figure out how to do this. So far, I have made my MediaLive outputs a video and audio only files. I am trying just to convert the audio only file to an mp3 file to later use with AWS transcribe. Should I use a File Group or Apple HLS? Thank you so much for any help, it is so so so much appreciated!

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I assumed you have a mp4 file as input. All you need to do as follow.
1) upload the mp4 to S3
2) create a new job in mediaconvert and use the input in step 1
3) in "output group", choose "File Group".
4) in the "output setting", choose "no container" in "Container" field.
5) you can put "mp3" in the "extension" field in "output settings" (optional)
6) in "encoding setting", remove "video 1"
7) in "Audio 1", choose "MPEG-1 Layer III (MP3)"

Then you will created a audio only mp3 file. Attached please find the screenshot of the output setting.
For detail, you can refer to this document:


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Thank you so so much, that is so extremely helpful. I appreciate your time so much. Thank you again!


answered a year ago

There is an Option in AWS MediaConvert output group named " Segment control" we get 2 option to keep Single file or Segmented file.
If we go for single file it creates single output file.

What is benefits of using single file ?

answered a year ago

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