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AWS Cloud9 Environment Trouble Connecting


Warning Message: This is taking longer than expected. The delay may be caused by high CPU usage in your environment, or your T2 or T3 instance is running out of burstable CPU capacity credits, or there are VPC configuration issues. Please check documentation.

Things I've Tired: Rebooting Instance Adding More CPU's Increase Instance Filesystem Size Shutting Down Instance and Starting Back up.

I'm at a dead end as to why this instance failing to connect and help would be greatly appreciate.

2 Answers

Can you please take a look at this document - and ensure the network settings for your Cloud9 are correctly configured.

There is also a blog that you can refer to -

answered 3 days ago

Having exactly the same issue here, haven't been able to connect to a cloud9 instance that has been working fine for months. No recent changes were made to the VPC settings at all. I've tried changing instance type from T3.medium to T3.large, to T3.xlarge as well as setting the Capacity Reservation settings to None, and altering the credit specification to be enable unlimited mode. I'm out of ideas and have work on the instance I nee

answered 3 days ago

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