Email forwarding not working. (Using SES, Lambda, Route 53, S3)


Hi all,

I've tried following on from a few different tutorials online regarding a task I want to complete, which is having any emails sent to my custom domain forward to a third-party email address. Example tutorials include:

I have the created a custom domain in route 53, and the same domain is registered as a verified identify in SES. I'm trying to register an address at that domain. So, for example I have '' verified, but when trying to register '', I can not receive the messages.

I've created the rule sets, have an S3 bucket that is written to from a Lambda function (similar to the ones mentioned in the articles) and inside said function have my third-party address end points defined in forwardMapping. When I send emails to the custom domain, the S3 buckets get written to, and I get the SNS notification (which is sent directly to the third party email address) but I do not get the actual email sent to the third party address. Which means effectively I am unable to register it as a verified identity in SES since I can not receive the email. What possible steps am I missing here?

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I would like to suggest you check the following configurations:

  1. Check the MX records you have added in your hosted zone.[1]
  2. Check the permission on the S3 bucket that SES has enough permission to write to the Bucket.[2]

[1] [2]

answered a year ago

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