MGN - AMI in EC2 Launch Template


In MGN User Guide -

For Launch Template settings ---> EC2 Launch Template setting for a Specific server

As per user guide

AMI – Customers do not typically choose a specific AMI to include in the launch template. If you edit the launch template to use an existing AMI, the contents of the AMI will not be used by AWS Application Migration Service. If the AMI is not configured properly (licensing, flags, and more), then this may prevent the test or cutover instance launched from booting correctly or from being properly licensed.

Does it mean we should not select any specific AMI when migrating the On-Prem server using MGN ? Even in EC2 Instance recommendation also AMI is not recommended in specific. So we should set AMI as Donot Include in Launch template ?Then on which basis which AMI will be taken for the Host to be migrated ?

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Hi Team Any response to this would be highly appreciated

answered a month ago

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