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I started a DMS task last week, and after letting it run for three days, I stopped adding new tables to the process, and when I tried to activate it again, I've received the message:

Last Error Task 'PMZPTPTYYJZGJQLBZCBYC7GSUQMWC2RICPEY6DA' was suspended due to 6 successive unexpected failures Stop Reason FATAL_ERROR Error Level FATAL

Looking at the logs, I found this error message 6x consecutively:

2022-02-14T13:57:39 [DATA_STRUCTURE  ]E:  SQLite general error. Code <19>, Message <UNIQUE constraint failed: events.identifier, events.eventType, events.detailMessage>. [1000505]  (at_sqlite.c:525)

What does it mean? Which kind of actions should I take?

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Thanks, D-Rao; in that case, we don't have any other error messages. The only one that I found out was the SQLite error message. And also, some tables are not loading correctly and didn't throw an error message either. Do you feel that someone can take a brief look at this?

answered 2 years ago
  • As I said, try enabling detailed debug logging on some of the components and see if you start seeing any errors in the logs.


You can ignore the SQL Lite error.

And the FATAL error that you saw is pretty generic. Usually, there are more Errors or Warnings attached to it. I would say look for "E:" and "W:" and see if you find any other relevant errors or warnings.

If you did not see any other errors or warnings, and If the task is stopping right away even now, I would advise you to enable Detailed Debug on the components (target_apply, target_load, source_capture, source_unload) which are logged right above this message and see if DMS captures anything more. Please note that detailed debug dumps a lot of logs so make sure the Replication Instance has free storage.

answered 2 years ago

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