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How to Enable Region Programmatically


We are looking to enable an AWS region programmatically using either boto3 or terraform.

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Hello Dyasic,

I understand that you are trying to enable an AWS Region programmatically using either boto3 or terraform. However, an AWS Region can only be enabled using the AWS Management Console, see reference [1].

Regions introduced before March 20, 2019 are enabled by default. You can begin creating and managing resources in these Regions immediately. You cannot enable or disable a Region that is enabled by default, see reference [2] for more information regarding this. 

The following regions are disabled by default:

  • Africa (Cape Town)
  • Asia Pacific (Hong kong)
  • Asia Pacific (Jakarta)
  • Europe (Milan)
  • Middle East (Bahrain)

All other regions are enabled by default.

However, to enable a Region that is disabled by default using the AWS Management Console, you must have permission to enable Regions, see reference [3].





answered 14 days ago

If you look at reference [1], it says that it is not available via CLI or SDK. Please contact your account team to present your use case, and they will work with the appropriate team to get it on the backlog for implementation.

answered 14 days ago

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