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I mistakenly entered a wrong name when creating an account in AWS Control Tower using the Service catalog. How do I change the Service Catalog provisioned product name? Instead of Enroll-Account-AAA-BBB-XXX, I want to name the provisioned product Enroll-Account-AAA-BBB-YYY.

Please help. Thanks!

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This is a difficult situation with some manual steps.

  1. log into the account as root to change the account name
  2. manually move the account out of the OU Control Tower placed it in, under root our an OU not enrolled by Control Tower
  3. Delete (Terminate) the Service Catalog product
  4. re-enroll the account into the landing zone.
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  • Thanks! I needed elevated privilege higher than the SSO user that created the account to complete the task. The SSO user that created the account in Service Catalog does not have access to do stuff in the AWS Organization. This is a good workaround though. I appreciate.

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