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WorkSpaces Limit Reached


WorkSpaces Limit Reached You have reached your current approved WorkSpaces limit of 0. Request a limit increase by contacting AWS Support. as descript,i can't use the machine.

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1 Answers

Hello there,

To resolve this issue, you can request a quota increase (service limit increase) using the following steps:

  1. Open the WorkSpaces Limits form.
  • This can be found by going to the AWS Console then search for Support
  1. Select your desired region
  2. Create a case then select the Service Limits Increases.
  3. Select the Limit type you're requesting a quota increase for.
  4. Enter the New Limit Value
  5. Select Add another request to enter another increase request for the same limit type.
  6. Enter the Use Case Description explaining why you're requesting a limit increase (Please note that Request for more than 200 WorkSpaces or more than 20 Graphics/Graphics Pro WorkSpaces require additional information. Make sure you answer the additional questions listed within the request form in your use case description.)
  7. Enter Contact Options
  8. Select submit

For more clarity on requesting a quota increase (service limit increase) please see the doucmentation on reference [1].

If you are launching a graphics workspace, please note the the default value for the graphics workspace is 0, therefore you can request for a limit increase for that. See reference [2] for more information 




answered 2 months ago

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