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Hello, I'm studying how s3 buckets work but I have two questions related to this topic:

  1. If I go from AWS Console in s3 I see one bucket that doesn't exists (the AWS region is also empty) and if I try to delete it, the apllication says me that it is impossible to delete an object that doesn't exists (see screen1 and screen2.png) Enter image description here Enter image description here

  2. By using the same iam user, if in the AWS console I type something like "aws s3api list-buckets" or "aws s3 ls" I obtain as result a list of 6 buckets but if I go from the website, I can see only 4 of them

I am new in AWS, can someone explain me how come give that the permissions does not change?

Thank you in advance, Rocco

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answered a year ago

As described in this document, the bucket may temporarily appear in the console even after the bucket is deleted.

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answered a year ago

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