[Workdocs Drive] How to prevent Office on MacOS from creating empty temporary files


We are experiencing a problem with Workdocs Drive on MacOS. if a user is editing a MS Office file (word, excel,...) sitting on Workdocs, when he saves the changes everything got saved as expected, but a lot of temporary empty files get created (we observed 8 empty files at every save). Such empty files have got the same name as the original file, plus a trailing random string.

This is a real hassle for MacOS users, as they have to manually remove them everytime they perform a Save on a file, and unfortunately we could not find any workaround. We tried to change the MS Office temporary location to a local disk location, but no way.

Any other Workdocs Drive+MacOS user is experiencing something similar? Did anyone find any workaround or solution?

Thank You

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1 Answer

Isn't there really any solution or workaround? Hope this will be fixed soon in the Workdocs Drive client.

answered 25 days ago

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