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/Request SNS subscription confirmation again via API/SDK/

Request SNS subscription confirmation again via API/SDK


Status quo

When an SNS subscription is still pending confirmation, you can re-send the confirmation via the management console (button: "Request confirmation").


Is it possible to re-send the confirmation request via API/SDK?


We offer our customers to create an SNS subscription for them to an SQS owned by our customer. Therefore, we need our customer to confirm the subscription with the message they receive in their SQS queue. However, the customer has to set up a policy first, that allows our SNS to send messages to their SQS queue (including the first confirmation request message). When the customer forgets to do this first, we would like to offer an API for them to re-send the confirmation request after they have set up the policy for their SQS correctly.

1 Answers

I don't see a direct API call to resent the confirmation, but you can trigger the confirmation again via the sns subscribe call.

answered 4 months ago
  • When you make sure that you re-define the subscription exactly the same way (e.g. RedrivePolicy) this works really well. Thanks for your help!

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