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Likely end of support for Elasticsearch 1.5 under OpenSearch



We are running a stack based on Open Ed X. Even recent versions bring a dependency on Elastic Search 1.5, which was EOL 2016! At present we use the OpenSearch support for ES1.5 and it all works fine.

We are putting this stack in maintenance state for next 12months. I have a concern that AWS will pull support for ES1.5 in this time, which wouldn't be unexpected or unreasonable given the age. However it will leave us in a difficult situation.

Can anyone from AWS / community give any indication of when ES1.5 is likely to be dropped?



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1 Answers

AWS has not scheduled any version for EOL at this time – and it is still supporting ES 1.5 domains! There will be plenty of notice if/when it’s time for EOL

answered 2 months ago
  • Can you/anyone define 'plenty of notice'? If it's 12+ months then it's a non issue as we will just run stack until end of life on 1.5

    If however it's 3-6 months (which I suspect is more realisitic), then we might prefer to take the hit of trying to upgrade now before the team move on to other projects.

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