Received alert that Free Tier usage limit exceeded 85% on service I cannot find configured



I have received information as pasted below but when I have entered my account I cannot find anything configured in AmazonSES in any of regions. Do you know what could have happened?

Your AWS account ######### has exceeded 85% of the usage limit for one or more AWS Free Tier-eligible services for the month of January.

Product AWS Free Tier Usage as of 01/13/2024 Usage Limit AWS Free Tier Usage Limit AmazonSES 2707 Count 3000 Count 3000.0 Count for free for 12 months as part of AWS Free Usage Tier (Global-MessageUnits)

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Have you ever used Amazon SES to send email?
The free tier of Amazon SES allows you to send 3000 emails per month for free.

If you have never used Amazon SES and are still being billed, we recommend that you open a case with AWS Support under "Account and billing".

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  • Hi!

    Thank you for your answer. The case is that it is client's environment we overtook recently so we are not sure what previous IT was doing

    We have multiple AWS accounts in organization but the e-mail indicates specific one. I searched for SES config in every region but in every one of them I just get start page like it was never used

  • Did you check the "Account dashboard" and "SMTP settings" screens as shown in the image below? If you check all of these tabs and find nothing, I think you should contact AWS Support. a

  • Thank you!

    Indeed I have found something but what is weird not at first try. My colleague with same access could not display the information at all even after trying few times (exactly same permissions, he just saw 0 in e-mail sent even thought it was the same account and region)

    Seems as AWS visual bug

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