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AWS Cost Explorer Unblended cost does not match CUR report unblended cost


Hello, We are noticing that the unblended cost in AWS cost explorer does not match the unblended cost in cost and usage report. There is variation of about ~1.6% between Cost Explorer and CUR (CUR is 1.6% higher).

Any idea what is happening here ? and in what all cases this can happen ?

We have made sure that no other filters are applied when we do this comparison. Timezone doesn't seem to be an issue as well.

  • any one has any insight into this ?

asked 5 months ago49 views
1 Answer

Hi Nik,

Please check if you are using the correct field line_item_unblended_cost , not to be confused with pricing_public_on_demand_cost.

Please refer to one of our self-paced labs which can be used as reference on creating views which is similar to what you are trying to achieve.

answered 3 months ago

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