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AWS Control Tower - Deployment Error


Hi all,

I'm attempting to deploy AWS Control Tower for a client. When I start the process, I get the following error - "Your AWS environment is not ready for AWS Control Tower to be set up. AWS Control Tower detected issues with your AWS account environment that prevent successful setup. Your existing service limits for this AWS account are not sufficient for AWS Control Tower to launch. For more information, contact your account manager or AWS Support." Is there any way I can see if I'm running into a quota or service issue? Unfortunately, I don't see a way to drill down into the above error message any further to see where the limitation or issue is. Thanks!

asked a year ago262 views
3 Answers

Hi, I got the same issue. Are there anyone able to solve this problem?

answered a year ago

AWS support can provide you with the information needed if you file a support case. You can check the current quota status in "Service Quotas" in your account (top right menu) to see if some of the services required have reached, or are close to reaching their quota.

You can see services Control Tower use and the default limits here:

answered 3 months ago

Try starting a free tier EC2 instance (Amazon linux ami is fine), wait a few minutes, then attempt to launch Control Tower

answered 3 months ago

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