Inconsistent multiple Cost and Usage Report created


Hi AWS and AWS users,

I am creating CUR(Cost and Usage Report) with the following configurations

  • Default content
  • Refresh automatically
  • Report data time granularity : Hourly
  • Report versioning : Create new report version

with the settings above, I was expecting a single report containing hourly logs to be created when AWS refreshes the CUR(up to 3 times a day).

However I am receiving multiple CUR in my bucket such as

  • 20230312T081141Z

  • MyCostReport-00001.csv.gz (55.6 MB)

  • MyCostReport-00002.csv.gz (3.6 MB)

  • MyCostReport-00003.csv.gz (1.9 KB)

  • 20230314T152624Z

  • MyCostReport-00001.csv.gz (58.3 MB)

  • MyCostReport-00002.csv.gz (58.2 MB)

  • MyCostReport-00003.csv.gz (4.4 MB)

  • MyCostReport-00004.csv.gz (1.9 KB)

To sum up, I'd like to ask why

  • Multiple CURs are created (with such different sizes)
  • Numbers of CURs created are inconsistent (sometimes 3, sometimes 4)

I'd appreciate any help possible with the issue.

Thank you.

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1 Answer

Hello You can see explanation on CUR files in the documentation here If the update includes a large file, AWS might split it into multiple files. size can vary between days, depending on your account(s) activity

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answered 17 days ago

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