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Hi All,

I was testing SMS for Vietnam and haven't received yet. I've applied for Pinpoint Sender ID and registered successfully, and I am sure that I sent SMS in the registered templates. My current customer service plan won't get AWS help, so I come here to ask for some support.

Many Thanks,

Kenny Wang

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Hi, @KennyWang

You may be able to get post-send failure events, etc. by enabling the event stream.
If you want to check the sending status of SMS, first enable the event stream and look for hints.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you for the kind response, I'll try it now.

  • Hi iwasa,

    Unfortunately, the logs don't really help, and I still can't find out why I still can't receive SMS of Vietnam. Do you know some other solutions maybe? I'll appreciate so much :)

  • Hi, @KennyWang

    I listened to your contact and checked the documentation again. The following is the information for sending SMS on SNS.

    Senders are required to use a pre-registered alphabetic sender ID. To request a sender ID from AWS Support, file a support request. Some countries require senders to meet specific requirements or abide by certain restrictions in order to obtain approval. In these cases, AWS Support might contact you for additional information after you submit your sender ID request.

    According to this, it seems that additional procedures are required because sending SMS in Vietnam is restricted.
    The following Twillio Vietnam SMS Guidelines may also be helpful.

  • Hi iwasa,

    Thank you for reply. Yes, it comes with the requirements that you mentioned and I've already applied for it, as well as the templates we'd send.

    The situation is, my account has registered the Sender ID and templates of Vietnam. I sent SMS to China, Indonesia and Vietnam in one time and separated, but the Vietnam end users don't receive anything in both ways.

    This is really confused @@

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