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/Verification team is making us suffer and not providing any way forward/

Verification team is making us suffer and not providing any way forward



I need to speak with some member of verification team. I'm sorry but It's really really frustrating because my account has been closed and my team is blocked from working on projects.

I'm the CEO of a software development house registered in USA who has already signed a contracts to delivery projects using AWS but verification team has closed our account. I'm gonna share all details in a moment. But just to summaries, I have responded to their emails, and ready to provide more documents or information, or pay whatever it takes, but I need a way forward.

The last email I received from verification team was:


We have closed your Amazon Web Services account. We took this action because our records show that this account is related to previously closed accounts. Due to the proprietary nature of our business, we are unable to discuss other accounts with you. Sincerely, Amazon Web Services Sincerely, Amazon Web Services To contact us again about this issue, please reply to this email.

Yes, we did have a previous account that got locked because we weren't able to clear around $300 outstanding payment within 90 days. We wanted to clear that payment but verification team said the account was closed and it cannot be recovered now. It wouldn't be a problem if we created a new account against a new email. And that's what we didi. We really spent a lot of time trying to speak to Support about that in vain.

This is unfair. Please tell us what to do in order to figure this out and make it work. We need to do huge deployments on AWS for multiple clients and we're willing to pay whatever to do that.

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Hi Blockformation,

I apologize for the frustration this has caused.

To uphold account security, I'm unable to acquire account specifics via this platform. That said, I can confirm that I have reached out internally to have this issue reviewed.

I understand the urgency and have relayed your thoughts. Our teams take these matters seriously, and once all the details have been investigated, an agent will contact you. Please keep an eye on your inbox and be sure to check spam/junk folders, as our emails may be filtered there.

Thank you,

  • Randi S.
answered 6 months ago

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