Access denied when trying to GET objects uploaded to s3 bucket via aws sdk using cloudfront


Using client-s3 sdk signed URLs, i was able to PUT and DELETE objects in my s3 bucket. But when trying to access those same objects using a GET request via cloudfront, s3 denies me access (Access Denied) to the objects. On the permissions section of the bucket, i set the bucket policy to allow GET requests from my cloudfront distribution. I know it works because when i upload objects via the s3 console, i can use cloudfront signed URLs to GET the objects from s3, that works. But once i programmatically use the client-s3 to upload the object, i am unable to GET it using my cloudfront distribution

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Could it be the ACL for the objects in the bucket? For example, was the

--acl bucket-owner-full-control
answered 3 years ago
  • ACLs are disabled for my bucket. I am using bucket policies alone to access objects in the bucket

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