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I am considering signing up for a AMAZON S3 storage server


I am considering signing up for a AMAZON S3 storage server. Here are my needs:

-I have 3 Terabytes of audio music files

  • I would like to store them in the Amazon S3 server.

-I need the ability to download the files directly from FILEZILLA, which is a FTP program at

-I need exact step by step instructions from you, which demonstrate exactly how I would go about downloading the files directly from my Amazon S3 server with Filezilla.

2 Answers

There's an option to select Amazon S3 after creating a new site, where you input your secret and access key. Here's the step by step instructions.

Filezilla Pro Connection to Amazon S3

answered a month ago

Does anyone have an answer which is clear and does not leave out all of the important steps to getting this setup?

answered 24 days ago

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