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Hi AWS Experts,

I have a requirement for a Windows Server 2016 EC2 instance with 80TB storage attached to it. I found out that the limit for windows server with EBS volume is 16 TB.
I cannot have S3 as the storage because of high I/O in my use case and S3 makes it slow. Any other recommendations would be much appreciated.


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One thing to take a look at would be Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. It can handle up to 64TiB per storage system (and you can run multiple). This might do the trick to get you over the line.

A Volume Gateway running Cached Mode will give you up to 32TiB, and the caching might resolve some of your I/O issues. Again, you can run multiple volumes per gateway.

The other things you could include using Ephemeral Storage. For high I/O, I'm thinking m5d instances, unless you need really high I/O with an i3 instance. You'd just have to be thinking about backup and recovery processes, which could be pretty nightmarish.


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Thanks Stephen. I agree with you and will take a look at these. I actually need this server for our Veeam Backup & Replication Solution - Backup Repository server - so it is little tricky here.
Do you have any specific recommendations around using it for repository server?


answered 5 years ago

I can probably attach multiple ebs volumes to my ec2 instance to make it 80TB?

answered 5 years ago

Attach multiple 16 TB EBS volumes

answered 4 years ago

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