Use an instance of an account as the default gateway for other accounts.


Hi guys, how are you? I need help with a problem that may be simple. I have a networking account on AWS, which has two ec2 instances, which are 2 fortigates firewalls and they are in the sa-east-1 region, and I do all my throughput through the firewalls, I have a subnet for my firewall to use from igw , and the other subnet I leave the applications. However, I have other accounts that are in us-east-1 and I need their throughput to be through the same network account, does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this please?

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A Transit Gateway properly configured for cross-account traffic is what you are looking for:

It will allow your bastion hosts to receive traffic in one account and route it to others.

This blog post implements a use case very close to your goal:



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answered 2 months ago
  • This helps, but the problem is that my network account is in the sa-east-1 region and the other accounts are in us-east-1, I know that it is not possible to share the same transit gateway for the other accounts because they are in different regions.

  • You can peer Transit Gateways between regions - but I would question why you would do that for this particular use case. The extra latency for users in the sa-east-1 region will be very high. There are also inter-region data transfer costs.

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