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Amazon SES Emails Bounce for Specific Recipient in Verified Domain


Have an AWS Lambda function sending email by using SES.

Emails sent by SES are currently bouncing for only one recipient email address. Checked my SES Dashboard, and the domain for this email address is a fully verified domain.

Bounces only occur for the one email recipient, and this recipient is in the UK, not in United States.

However all other UK email recipients are receiving SES emails fine, and no bounces occur for any other email addresses in the verified domain.

Any ideas what might cause this problem to occur?

1 Answer

Hi, You can get the message ID and details of this bounce by configuring SNS notifications for Amazon SES. You can set this up so that anytime there is a bounce you get a notification and can view all the information.

Here is a link that provides more information on SNS:

answered 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago

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