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Hello Team from AWS

When I created my AWS training and certification account few months back, i have created aws account my first and last name is in short form, but now when i want to purchase the exam, my government id has full name and aws account has short name, i'm afraid of exam getting revoked, its already been 2 days since i have filled the form and summited but still no response, I'm afraid of physical center slot gets filled.

Current data: First name (Given name): Aditya Last name (Surname): MVSN the First name should be corrected to: New First name (Given name): Venkata Sai Naga Aditya New Last name (Surname): Mallavolu

My Candidate ID: AWS02467472

Please help to update this name, so i can get exam slot asap I hope support can help me with this. Thanks in advance!

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I would suggest you to go through AWS Training and Certifications supports FAQs and/or contact them.

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answered a year ago
  • I have already contacted them 3 days ago till now now response

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