Amazon WorkDocs: Is there a way to have one doc (with version control) but saved in two folders, under two different users, at the same time?


My colleagues and I often work on the same doc. For organisation and storage when the doc completed one of us has to download the doc and save in our own files. Is there a way to both have the same doc, stored in our own personal files, with version control? This will help us automate organisation!

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Versioning is available and there are a few options how to collaboratively edit a shared document. I recommend you check out Amazon WorkDocs Companion if you would like to use the web client to make updates and automatically save changes with a new version.

There is also Hancom ThinkFree for experiencing a live collaborative editing session.

There is also the option to download the file and lock it to prevent others from overwriting your work:

To view a specific version to download,

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