Can anyone temme how to connect oracle to AWS Sagemaker II tried cx_oracle) but getting error


Can anyone temme how to connect oracle to AWS Sagemaker II tried cx_oracle) but getting error stating the client library is not installed .

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To connect Oracle to AWS SageMaker, you can use the cx_Oracle library, but you need to make sure that it's installed in your SageMaker environment. The error you're encountering suggests that the Oracle client library is not installed.

Here are the general steps to connect Oracle to AWS SageMaker:

Install cx_Oracle in SageMaker: You can install the cx_Oracle library in your SageMaker environment using the following command:

pip3 install cx_Oracle

Make sure to run this command in a SageMaker notebook cell or in the terminal of your SageMaker instance.

Install Oracle Instant Client: The cx_Oracle library depends on the Oracle Instant Client. You need to download and install the Oracle Instant Client in your SageMaker environment. Follow the instructions for your specific operating system: Oracle Instant Client Downloads

Make sure to set the necessary environment variables like LD_LIBRARY_PATH or PATH after installing the Instant Client. Connect to Oracle in SageMaker: Once cx_Oracle and Oracle Instant Client are installed, you can use the following Python code to connect to your Oracle database:

import cx_Oracle

# Replace these values with your Oracle database credentials
db_user = "your_username"
db_password = "your_password"
db_host = "your_host"
db_port = "your_port"
db_service = "your_service_name"

# Construct the connection string
connection_str = f"{db_user}/{db_password}@{db_host}:{db_port}/{db_service}"

# Establish the connection
connection = cx_Oracle.connect(connection_str)

# Create a cursor
cursor = connection.cursor()

# Execute SQL queries or perform database operations using the cursor

# Don't forget to close the cursor and connection when done

Replace the placeholders (your_username, your_password, etc.) with your actual Oracle database credentials. Make sure to adapt the code according to your Oracle database configuration. If you encounter any further issues, check the Oracle Instant Client installation, environment variables, and ensure that the Oracle database is accessible from your SageMaker environment.

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answered 7 months ago
  • Hi Thanks for the response , do you have the steps to install the instant client ,I followed below

    !wget !unzip -d /path/to/instantclient

    import os os.environ['LD_LIBRARY_PATH'] = '/path/to/instantclient'

    Do you know till what path I should give the instantclient , is it till folder level ? Also should I run sudo yum install after unzipping ?

    Can you please let me know , Im getting DPI-1047 error : cannot locate a 64 bit Oracle client library

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