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How to Deploy and Manage AWS Workspaces via AWS Systems Manager/SMM?


Is there a way to deploy and manage AWS Workspaces through the AWS SMM?

We're trying to setup AWS Systems Manager to be a simplified "central hub" in managing AWS Workspaces without having to go through AWS Workspaces. So it has to be setup in a way that the admin can log in, go to AWS SMM, then deploy and manage AWS Workspaces from there in just a few clicks.

We've reached out to AWS tech support (Workspaces and SMM), with the following solutions: [1] [2]

But they require a lot of effort and also mastery of additional tools such as AWS Lambda, AWS SMM Maintenance Window, Directory Services, and CloudFormation.

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Accepted Answer

AWS Systems Manager doesn't have specific integration with Amazon WorkSpaces, however you can perform functions on non-BYOL Amazon WorkSpaces through a Hybrid Activation. I want to be clear though, there will be some additional tools required no matter how you proceed forward with building a solution that meets your requirements. I suggest starting with Automating AWS Systems Manager activation for Amazon WorkSpaces and then getting a good understanding of how to automate basic activities with Run Command.

answered a month ago

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