Assistance Needed: Locating S3 Bucket for Domain Hosting


Hello AWS Community,

I'm reaching out at the recommendation of AWS support, who directed me here to seek guidance from the community regarding a challenge I'm facing.

I'm trying to locate an S3 bucket used for hosting my domain,, which I set up a very long time ago for website hosting through AWS S3.

The site is still active, but I've hit a roadblock in managing it due to my inability to find the hosting S3 bucket.

To address specific Google Search Console optimisations, it's necessary for me to change the preferred domain setting to "" instead of its www variant. However, I've encountered a significant challenge as the S3 bucket does not appear in any of the two AWS accounts I currently manage.

I suspect that there may be another account linked to my domain that I've forgotten about. All emails directed to still reach me, yet attempts to log in with previously utilised emails for this domain have not been fruitful.

AWS support and I have both conducted thorough searches of the known accounts without success in locating this elusive bucket.

Nonetheless, the domain's CNAME and ALIAS records to point to AWS, specifically to and

I am willing to provide screenshots or any documentation necessary to prove my ownership of the domain and its DNS configurations.

I am here seeking your guidance or advice on how to regain access to the S3 bucket hosting my domain.

Additionally, I'm concerned about potentially outstanding charges associated with this service and wish to address them as soon as possible.

Your insights or suggestions on how to proceed with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards, John

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In my opinion. AWS can definitely find which account own the bucket. But due to privacy reason they might not be sharing this information.

I would suggest to go about this. Open case from your current account. To prove ownership that you are owner of account holding the bucket and account ID disclosed to you.

Ask them to match your current account billing information with account holding the bucket. If it match it means the old account also belong to you and they should be able to share account ID number and you can try login/reset access etc.

This is a suggestion. Try it out, if it works.

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  • Thank you for your reply. I've linked to your reply in my open ticket with AWS support, I'll let you know how I get on.

    Cheers John

  • They wouldn't help, They tried calling a phone number I no longer have and emailed an email I've long since forgotten.

    It was for an old website for posterity's sake so I just scraped it and hosted it on github pages.

    I'll forget about amazon for this one.

    Thanks for replying though. I'll mark your answer as accepted as you were kind enough to help and your advice was good.

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