Root login redirects to AWS signup



  1. I have an AWS account that I was previously able to access using root credentials.
  2. When I try to log in now, I am redirected to the AWS signup page.

What I've tried to this point:

  1. My account is still active, the services are running and I'm receiving monthly invoices at the root email
  2. I've confirmed that the root email is correct and can reset my password.
  3. Since I cannot log into the account, I cannot create a support ticket with AWS to help. I tried contacting support but they referred me back to AWS.
  4. I've tried clearing cache and even installed a new browser to attempt login, but had the same issue with redirect

Has anyone else had a similar redirect issue? Any thoughts on how to resolve?

Redirected page after login

  • Hello, I removed your email address image as it's not best practice to share that data on a public forum.

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  • Matt-B, the fix in the stackoverflow link you provided fixed my issue, thank you!

    For anyone else having the same issue, here is the fix that worked for me:

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