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How to add data into aws timestream that's older than the memory store retention period?


AWS Timestream says that : "To store late arrival data, you simply write the data into Amazon Timestream, and the service will automatically determine whether it gets written to the memory store or to the magnetic store, based on the timestamp of the data and on the configured data retention for the memory and magnetic stores." The maximum memory store time is 12 months but I'm trying to upload data from 2017 to my TimeStream and I'm getting the error message that the record timestamp is outside the time range of the memory store. I thought that it would automatically move it to the magnetic store. I have set : Memory store : 1 hour Magnetic store: 10 years

asked 6 months ago296 views
1 Answer

Hi - have you enabled Magnetic Store Writes for the table? There is a flag that must be set on the table before writes directly to the magnetic tier succeed. You can enable this flag by updating the table in the console or using the SDK to UpdateTable setting EnableMagneticStoreWrites=true within the MagneticStoreWriteProperties:

Please let us know if you have this flag enabled for the table and are still encountering errors. Thanks!

answered 6 months ago

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