RDS: Postgress Instances missing from dashboard


Hi All, I had 2 instances of postgresSQL running as part of AWS RDS. I had missed the payment for the last billing cycle n the services got suspended. I paid the bills right now and am able to access other services like s3. However not able to find the db instances in the RDS dashboard. Able to see the last backup for the database was done yesterday. Will the instance be restored or should I create a new one ? Any idea how to go about it ?

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Hi there, if an account gets suspended for non-payment, RDS takes a snapshot of and then deletes each RDS instance. If the account is reactivated within the available time frame, the customer needs to restore each instance from its snapshot.

You can see here the instructions on how to restore an RDS instance, and this link has more information on procedures and timelines for reactivating a suspended AWS account.

answered 2 years ago

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