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/Where can I get an AWS Jar file?/

Where can I get an AWS Jar file?


Hi, I've been asked to update a project that is using an older version of AWS (1.11). I want to update it to the latest version, or at least, the latest 1.x version.

The project does not use any kind of dependency manager. It has a 157mb Jar file, aws-java-sdk-1.11.731.jar, which I assume contains all of the AWS code and its dependencies.

Where do I find an updated version of this Jar? I checked Maven, but all I could find were much smaller files containing individual services.

Unfortunately the original developers of the project aren't available, so I can't ask them where they found it.

Thanks, Frank

asked 19 days ago28 views
2 Answers

Take a look at this page -

It show you how you can get it from Maven

Also take a look at this -, as it discusses Migrating from version 1.x to 2.x of the AWS SDK for Java

answered 19 days ago
  • Yes, I've seen this page. It does not have the jar file I'm looking for.


This page has multiple versions of the AWS SDK jar file -

answered 16 days ago
  • These jar files do not have any of the dependencies. What I need is one jar file with everything, all the AWS code, everything it depends on, so I can just drop it into a project and start using it.

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