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please i need someone to confirm. Windows instances screen resolution are limited to 1280x1024 because the default Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

We need a console resolution 1920x1080. I've read everything on the net to bypass this with no luck. It seems that the only way to get more resolution is getting an Acelerated Computing Instances with gpu. Could you please confirm this is the only solution? Contract an Acelerated Computing Instances for just get a resolution 1920x1080 is very expensive. Connecting via RDP is not a solution for us. We need resolution on console not RDP sesions.

Which would be the cheapest solution?. $300 month for just get 1920x1080 resolution not make sense to me, maybe there is an alternative that i am not seeing.

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You will need to make use of a Windows Accelerated Computing instance type [1] that have access to GPUs as this resolution is limited by the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter which is standard on most instance types.

I understand that this might be costly for you, however, this is a limitation from Microsoft side, not from AWS.

[1] Windows Accelerated Computing Instances:

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