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Hi Team, Our customer has purchased $4 compute savings plan. When observed the savings plan coverage, it shows applied 67% for one instance type, 80% for another instance type, 79% for 3rd instance type. My understanding were, it should first cover 100% for one instance type (with max % savings) and then apply for other. But the above observation is confusion. Please someone clarify the doubt.

Regards, Nikhil Shah

1 Answers

You are correct, compute savings plans will cover the most expensive compute resource. When you say that these 3 instance types are being covered, are the resources running constantly or could it be that as things scale up/down that the savings plan is covering the most expensive resource for that hour?

answered a month ago
  • You mentioned, it will apply to most expensive resource of the hour? I thought it will apply to most discounted resource. Also, does it mean compute savings plan apply hourly and not by end of billing on most discounted resource>?

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