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EC2 Instances not connecting to cli or Putty agent


hello! i have a free tier AWS account for a year almost, for learning AWS. my account is active, but i cant connect to any instances from any AWS services. i also cant find any means to contact aws customer service or support. any Help, please! thanks!

asked 18 days ago15 views
2 Answers

Do you have an error messages that you can provide? Without that, there are many reasons that you can't connect. Check that your DNS is working; that you can connect on port 22 to some other target; and then on port 22 to your instance. Is the instance running? Have you tried restarting it?

To contact support, there is a link in the console at the top-right of the window (click on the question mark):

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answered 18 days ago
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thanks Bret! i did but the issue is the same. since i have the free tier, i can't contact any technical support on AWS. but if there is a way to get technical support, unknown to me, any assistance helps. thanks!

answered 18 days ago
  • This forum is best-effort and we're all volunteers here. We also have no visibility into your AWS account so we have to rely on what you tell us in order to troubleshoot. When you say "I did" - what did you do? What was the result? What error messages are you getting?

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