MSK Connect support jks keystore location ?



I just wonder is it possible to use MSK Connect with key store custom location for jks file like s3,EFS or StoreManager ? I know secrets like passwords, usernames can be done using ConfigProvider but what about client certification

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yes, this can be done using S3. Upload the JKS file into S3 and check out the sample Java code in the link below.


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answered 2 years ago

I had the same question, and it really is for MSK Connect, not MSK itself. For instance, the elastic-search sink connector uses a truststore for ssl validation Example config:


How can we provide the path to a truststore for a given connector on MSK connect?

answered 2 years ago

Also would like to see answer for this in order to authenticate against self hosted kafka cluster and not MSK. Can i provide keystore(s) via custom plugin zip?

answered a year ago

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