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Instance had drive errors and is now stuck


DISREGARD - The instance is finally responding and has restarted....


My instance s stuck 'Running' after multiple requests to 'Reboot', 'Stop' and 'Force Stop'.

It crashed approx 5 hours ago. On the console it showed a stream of disk errors. I tried a reboot which was ignored. Then I tried a Stop. At that point the serial console started to refuse to connect since it is "stopped" except the Summary pages shows it "Running".

I have also tried a "Forced Stop".

The summary page shows "Running" but the serial console page says it is not running. The Monitoring data has also stopped.

This instance should be serving data and is vital to my business.

Could you please restart the instance, I need it running? i

Many thanks!!

asked a month ago13 views
1 Answer
Accepted Answer

The instance has now after 30 minutes stopped and I was able to restart it.

answered a month ago

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