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Hi, the AWS calculator amount not tallying with the summary amount and the detail page pricing amount.

You can look over the following pricing calculator link to investigate this issue.

Example: For AWS DRS - New Cosec summary price is $27.28, but click into the detail, it shows $36.88. This issue also affected the monthly cost.

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I've checked the link you shared. First of all, I needed to update the pricing (it was in read only mode). After that I could the estimate for AWS AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery. It did show the service charge of $36.88 as well as the incorrect summary price. However, after opening the item and only clicking update at the bottom the pricing was correctly calculated.

I can only assume that you ran into an issue with pricing information being updated while you were creating the estimate. That would also explain why it shows the outdated pricing banner at the top.

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answered a year ago

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