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Glue Jobs & Multiple tables


A customer needs to ETL multiple tables from RDS into S3 and Redshift.

Let's say they need to combine data from 6 tables to load into S3.

I tried helping them setup the Glue Jobs for this process, but it's not clear what the best and efficient way is to load these tables into S3 or Redshift: When you create a Glue Job, you can only select 1 table as a data source.

Do they need to create a Glue Job for each table or customize the generated Glue jobs to include all tables?

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Accepted Answer

Yes, they need to customize the generated Glue job to include multiple tables and join them. The Glue Job creation UI just creates a simple template job with one source and one target but in reality most jobs needs multiple sources and some need multiple targets as well.

We have Join examples here:

answered 4 years ago

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