Malfunctioning Application LoadBalancer / Doesn't execute the rules


I have an application load balancer which is an internal-facing load balancer, this load balancer doesn't evaluate rules at all, it only executes one rule (and the default rules) no matter what the Host/rule URL is.



  • hosted on AWS
  • Domain (public and private) are pointing to myLB, CNAME records not aliases


  • application load balancer
  • schema: an internal-facing load balancer (with 2 public subnets associated with it)
  • multiple rules based on different subdomains (different host URLs)
  • 443 and 80 listeners.
  • redirect all 80 to 443
  • rules limit increased to 200

The Problem: LoadBalancer only executes the rule for, when I try it also executes, if I removed rule it will only execute the default rule, I do not know why it ignores all other rules.

what can be the issue?

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