AWS SES - DKIM and SPF alignment


As DMARC gets more strict, it is best to try and get everything possible in line.

SPF alignment is covered well in the documentation, and is easily resolved by creating a custom Mail From domain.

For DKIM alignment, the documentation is less thorough. My guess is that the EasyDKIM option will not align when paired with a custom Mail From domain? Do I need to move to BYODKIM to get both aligned?

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You don't have to transition to BYODKIM for DKIM alignment, you can achieve alignment with DKIM through Easy DKIM settings in SES. This information is covered in the final section of the document. To align with DKIM, it is essential to verify the sending domain and enable DKIM signing for the verified domain identity. This ensures that emails sent from your verified domain will have a DKIM signature, and the From address in the email header aligns with the domain specified in the DKIM signature.

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