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Workspaces Image deployment - How do we preserve the user data on D drive


A customer will build new images (based on different versions of applications embedded/installed on Workspaces). They have C: drive which is a system drive and a D drive which has user data. Question: When they redeploy a new image, they have to define a new bundle where they define the new C and D drives again. Is there an automated way to restore the contents of old customer data on his/her D Drive which was there before the new image was deployed? What the ways to take a snapshot of the D drive and restore them when a new image is deployed?

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In general, I think they're looking at this wrong. First WorkSpaces snapshot the D drive every 12 hours. Under normal usage, rebuilding a WorkSpace (redeploying the OS from the bundle) will restore their profile from that last Snap. As long as the customer is updating the bundle properly / rather than creating completely new ones, they can update the existing WorkSpace without nuking the D drive.

If they want to leverage constant rebuilds, I would suggest looking at partners that offer profile layering and/or Windows File and Folder redirection. This gets the profile off the system and makes it more disposable.

This is a lot of work for little to no payoff. WorkSpaces are designed to be persistent. So leveraging post-deployment tools is far more efficient and creates less potential for issues.

answered 3 years ago

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