AWS SSO - User portal customize URL with external IdP (SAML)



I enabled AWS SSO service with external identity provider (SAML) and default URL user portal ( Everything works fine

Now I would like customize URL (ie: and I have following doubts/questions.

After customization:

  • does default URL ( will be still active?
  • does customization impact on SAML configuration at IdP side or metadata doesn't change?
  • AWS doc say "This change to the user portal URL is permanent, and you will not be able to edit it later". No way to do it even involving the AWS support?

Thanks for anwser. Andrea

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Accepted Answer
  • I have tried this in my environment and can continue to use the default URL
  • ACS URL and Issuer URL are not affected because they do not contain "my-company".
  • As for your third question, sorry, I don't have the answer.
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answered 5 months ago
  • I customized my user portal URL and I confirm everything works as you described at my side also. Many thanks.

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