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Organization Config (with aggregator) eventbridge rule


I tested in a PoC environment creating an AWS Config and then an eventbridge rule to send the config events (non-compliant) to a cloudwatch log group (and then to firehose to send a vendor) and it works great!. But, I did the same in a config account in the production environment having a config with aggregator in all the accounts and regions and the eventbridge rule it doesn't track anything, it doesn't work.E I need to send all the non-compliant events of the organization. What could be the problem? How do i do it? Thank you.

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this APG pattern is the solution for the exact same thing which you can refer

answered a month ago
  • Thank you Vijaya. Sadly, I can't access to see that APG pattern. So, you a re saying there is to: Use an Amazon EventBridge rule to trigger notifications when AWS resources are non-compliant from one centralized configuration account with config aggregator in all the accounts and regions of the organization?. If you have another link I would really appreciate it. As I said, I tested with on region in one account and it works. But the problem is with a centralized account. What I need is to send those events to a Log Group. Thank you.

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