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Is there a solution for multi-user Notebook on SageMaker?


Is there a solution for multi-user Notebook on Studio Notebook or Notebook Instances? Eg if we want several developers to interact on the same notebook at the same time

asked 2 years ago317 views
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Accepted Answer

Notebook instances are not connected to the user. So if two users has the same access rights they will see and will be able to access the same instance (even in the same time).

The issue is - Jupyter Notebook is not ready for that, both users will have the same privileges, no tracking who did what, ... And working on the same notebook on the same time - basically they will overwrite each other saves.

I had a need for similar thing (pair programming - data scientist and software engineer) - the only viable solution we were able to find was desktop sharing (like TeamViewer, ...)

answered 2 years ago

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