Unable to see my domain on AWS


I can't see my domain on AWS console, I'm concerned an employee may have moved it off. How can I check?

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If you suspect that your domain has been moved or deleted from your AWS account, you can follow these steps to check:

  • Route 53: AWS Route 53 is the domain registration and DNS service provided by AWS. Check your Route 53 console to see if your domain is listed there. You can see your domains by going to the "Registered domains" section.

  • AWS CloudTrail: CloudTrail logs all the actions in your AWS account. If your domain was moved or deleted, there will be a record of it in the CloudTrail logs. To do this, open the CloudTrail console and look for Event History. You should then filter by event name (such as "DeleteDomain" or "TransferDomain") to see if such events have occurred.

  • IAM: If you're concerned that an employee has moved your domain, check your IAM (Identity and Access Management) console to see the permissions of your users. Maybe you have an IAM user with the necessary permissions to move or delete domains. Make sure that you only give necessary permissions to your IAM users and use IAM roles for temporary permissions.

  • Contact AWS Support: If you can't figure out what happened from the AWS console, you should contact AWS Support. AWS Support can assist you in finding more details about your issue and guide you through resolving it. Make sure to provide all the necessary details about your domain and the issues you're facing for the most effective assistance.

Remember, security is a key concern when dealing with cloud resources. Always follow best practices for managing access and privileges in your AWS account to prevent unauthorized actions.

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