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HTTP API metrics not showing in CloudWatch automatic dashboard


I have created a simple HTTP API and tested it using cURL. When I go to CloudWatch, no metrics are displayed. My understanding is that AWS automatically collects default metrics on HTTP APIs. Wondering why they don't show up?

I also have logging enabled on the API and the logging metrics (for that log group) show in the automatic dashboard. As do other services that I'm using (and have done nothing special to enable)--S3, etc.

Can someone please confirm that the HTTP API metrics should show in the automatic API Gateway dashboard, or provide some hint as to why I may not be seeing them.

My user is in the Developer group.

  • Same issue, the metrics are there, just not on the automatically generated dashboard.

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Can you please check if this blog solves your problem :

answered 8 months ago
  • Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I looked at that page and it's about logs. As I mentioned, I have logs working for my HTTP API. Their log events show up in the automatic dashboard.

    My problem is with metrics. They are supposedly captured by default. But they don't show up in the automatic dashboard. I have been able to find some of them using the cli (aws cloudwatch get-metric-statistics ...) so don't understand why they're not automatically populating the automatic dashboard like logs, S3, etc.

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