Using subdomain with Lightsail Containers


I have an existing domain e.g., for a different purpose outside AWS and I want to use a subdomain and connect it to a Lightsail container e.g.,

Is it possible? I can only see an option for using a root/apex domain.

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I believe you can accomplish this by creating a CNAME record in your domain that maps "" to your container service's public domain. It would look something like:

mycontainer CNAME

(where "" is replaced by your container service's public domain URL).

I hope this helps. Thank you for using Amazon Lightsail!


answered 3 years ago


Thanks that is right however there's one more thing to do that wasn't clear in the UI. I eventually found out that you first need to add TLS certificates for your root domain before the option to add subdomains will come up. So this means that even if you're not going to use your root domain, a TLS certificate must still be created for it, before you can add subdomains.

answered 3 years ago

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